Payment Options:

1.Self Financing

  • Option 1 (80/20): 80% of the Sale price as initial deposit at the execution of Purchase Agreement. 20% of the Sale price at completion OR
  • Option 2 (40/40/20): 40%, 40% and 20% within 12 months OR
  • Option 3 (Customized): Buyer can suggest preferable/suitable payment schedule for not more than 12months.

2. Mortgage Financing:

  • Payment of minimum deposit as indicated by mortgage financier
  • Final payment by mortgage financier before hand over.
How to Buy an SBJ Properties Home
  • Viewing of Property (optional)
  • Complete CIO Form and make reservation payment.
  • Receive an Offer Letter from SBJ Properties, indicating general terms and conditions. Receive & Sign Purchase Agreement.
  • Make Payment:

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