Payment Options:

1.Self Financing

  • Option 1 (80/20): 80% of the Sale price as initial deposit at the execution of Purchase Agreement. 20% of the Sale price at completion


  • Option 2 (40/40/20): 40%, 40% and 20% within 12 months


  • Option 3 (Customized): Buyer can suggest preferable/suitable payment schedule for not more than 12months.

2. Mortgage Financing:
Payment of minimum deposit as indicated by mortgage financier
Final payment by mortgage financier before hand over.


How to Buy an SBJ Properties Home

  1. Viewing of Property (optional)
  2. Complete CIO Form and make reservation payment.
  3. Receive an Offer Letter from SBJ Properties, indicating general terms and conditions. Receive & Sign Purchase Agreement.
  4. Make Payment:



Mortgage Providers: